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(Español) ¿Con qué me quedo de las experiencias de voluntariado?

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“Saya dari Spanyol” – I´m from Spain

Indonesian language is so easy to learn, so you need to think in the most basic way. Find here some examples: The first thing that you need to learn is how you order your food in Indonesian language: “TIDAK PEDAS”. It means “no spicy” “SPANYOL” is used to reference the country (Spain), the people (Spanish) and also the language (Spanish) ... Read More »

(Español) Trekking y amanecer en Gunung Batur: una inolvidable experiencia en la montaña

6. cima yo

STARS son las siglas de “Soustenible Tourism Agents in Rural Societies”, que se traduce como “Agentes de turismo sostenible en sociedades rurales” y en el marco de este proyecto realizamos diferentes rutas de senderismo para conocer más sobre esta actividad y profundizar sobre cómo se pueden mejorar esas rutas o crear otras nuevas. Además, después de dos meses, conocemos bien ... Read More »

(Español) Descubriendo el CBT en Bali

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Antes de formar parte del proyecto STARS, el concepto de turismo sostenible era algo difuso, que a veces confundía con el ecoturismo o con el turismo alternativo, y me preguntaba: ¿sostenibilidad de qué? Por otra parte, el concepto de CBT era algo nuevo para mí, puesto que en Europa no existe como tal, y me suscitaba mucha curiosidad: turismo basado ... Read More »

I couldn´t believe that I was going to live there…

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If someone asks me “what is the most special moment during my EVS so far?” I cannot reply with just one. My EVS is being the best experience in my life, so I have lots of special memories. I remember the two first weeks, when we were visiting the different villages where we are going to stay during our period ... Read More »

When you go to a ceremony…

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Wherever you go, Indonesian people will invite you to attend a ceremony. What shall I wear? How to behave in this special situation? You will be welcome everywhere with these 5 golden rules:   1. Do use a sarong and a selendang (waistband). Also do wear a t-shirt or blouse with at least short sleeves or, if you have it, ... Read More »


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Every Indonesian I have met for the last few days had let me speechless

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The arrival training is absolutely necessary, and in our case really satisfactory. Overall, it has been a period of familiarization with the country, their daily life, their traditions, their schedules… On the one hand, we have visited the different villages where we will be working, to meet the leaders of these communities and know first-hand the activities developed in each ... Read More »

My Stars experience starts

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After 25 hours travelling, I arrived in Bali. I really wanted to discover what I expected here in Indonesia: It is the first time I set foot in Asia. At the airport, our coordinator Djinaldi was waiting for us to give us a warm welcome. Before going to our accommodation in Kuta, he showed us around and we went to ... Read More »

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