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My icelandic experience.


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(Español) ¿Cómo buscan empleo los Islandeses?

controlador aereo

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David the gnome is Icelandic!


In this vast country with a small population, it is usual to speak of “hidden creatures” as a reality. In Spain we would call crazy, geeks or children the people who believe in elves and gnomes, but if we do this survey in Iceland, all seem completely sane and normal. Located just below the Arctic Circle, the remote nation of ... Read More »



It is interesting to emphasize the results of unemployment in Iceland, compared with the current situation we have in Spain, but we must make a small digression to explain the history of Iceland and its evolution from the crisis. You may say that we are two very different countries and cannot be compared, but the level of Icelandic dept was ... Read More »

Geotermical Water

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Hot springs are mineral water coming out of the ground with more than 5 ° C of the surface temperature. These waters come from underground layers of Earth that are at a higher temperature, which are rich in various mineral components and allow their use in therapeutics as baths, inhalations, and heating. It is usually found along fracture lines as ... Read More »

Spanish people in Iceland

foto miriam

As everyone knows, in Spain we are living in a very difficult economic situation and there are a lot of young people considered “the lost generation” who are leaving Spain looking for a job. But this moment, when I´m abroad, is when I realize about this problem, because our situation is totally untenable. Young people trust in a better future ... Read More »



As I mentioned in the previous article, the EVS project is not very popular in Iceland. However I found the exception: Sara Guðmundsdóttir, an Icelandic 22 year old woman who has spent several years linked to the world of volunteering. Sara is a mentor in Veraldarvinir (Worldwide Friends). Marta. – Sara, how long have you been a volunteer at Worldwide ... Read More »



Worldwide Friends, also known as Veraldarvinir (in Icelandic) was founded in 2001 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization promoting nature and peace orientated activities for people interested in spending some time in Iceland as volunteers. The main task they develop are workcamps, exchange programs and educational seminars. At the same time, Veraldarvinir offers to the icelandic youth the opportunity to go ... Read More »



The history of Iceland is relatively recent when you consider that the human presence on the island dates back in the ninth century. In 874 Ingólfur Arnason came to the island and settled in the current Reykjavik, from Nordic countries. Residents who arrived later were some Norwegian Vikings and Celts. They formed a parliament (called Althing) in 930, currently considered ... Read More »



As I told you in the previous post, our organization took us to a town east of Iceland called Eskifjördur. A small village of about a thousand inhabitants, with only two streets and nobody in its. In this town our organization (worldwide friends) has taken control of the building that was before school, with the intention to reform and make ... Read More »

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