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¿Study or work?


When you walk through the center of Funchal, it seems the city is not part of the region with the highest rate of unemployed in Portugal. There are long lines at the supermarket, restaurants are filled with tourists at lunchtime, people in and out of the shops, and pubs are full of people over the weekend. The crisis may not ... Read More »

The Babel’s Tower


The story goes that once, many years ago, men were bored and idle through the land and decided to build a very tall tower high. They set to work, and after a while got through the clouds and reach the sky at lunchtime, just as God was taking a nap. As usual, God woke up pissed, kicked into the tower ... Read More »

What i’m doing here?


Riiiiinnggggg, riiiingggg! Sounds the alarm clock, it’s 9:00 and another Monday begins as a volunteer in this piece of land floating in the Atlantic. Wake up, Marcel! You wash your face, you wear comfortable clothes, and going to the kitchen for breakfast a bowl of cereal, with swollen eyes like tomatoes. -Good morning Marta! Hello Miriam! (Your roommates are being ... Read More »

Volunteers around the world: Tomas


Olá everybody! I introduce Tomas, a volunteer who carried out their EVS in the village of São Vicente, Madeira, and I met through contacts among other young contributors in my surrounding. Tomas was born 28 years ago in Czech Republic, and studied computer science, but his voluntary service focuses on the environmental area and aims to encourage young people and ... Read More »

Daily life of an european volunteer


Dear sailors, Have you ever wondered how is the daily life of a volunteer? In my case, even before reaching Madeira just had no idea how would my daily life. Now, just three weeks after arriving, I feel sufficiently integrated into the environment to tell what all, tuned! First, that the Portuguese and Spanish languages have some similarity -less than ... Read More »

Volunteers around the world: Cátia


Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. Read More »

Volunteers around the world: Sofía

531032_10151109250384851_1494664529_n - copia (2)

Dear sailors, Today I want to introduce Sofia. A young ex-volunteer of 26 years who, like me, made his collaborative project for Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves in Portugal. We met thanks to the Internet and social networks, because she read an article in the newsletter of SPEA in which welcomed me to the association. She searched me ... Read More »

A walk in Madeira (uma caminhada na Madeira)


Hello, sailors! Time goes by so fast when you’re happy! Since I came to Madeira, two weeks ago, I have not ceased to amaze me with all the nooks and details of this little gem lost in the ocean. So wild and so colorful, so lively and peaceful … that’s it. By observing the landscape, anyone can easily finds many ... Read More »

A volunteer in Madeira


A few days ago I landed on the island of Madeira to participate in the project Island Shake, within the framework of the European Voluntary Service. From now and for the next five months, lend my knowledge of geography, and my motivation to work in a ornithological society called SPEA. If you want to know how I come to be ... Read More »

When a journey ends, another begins


There is little time to start my Island Shake adventure in Madeira, and start to go over the things I have to pack: a sleeping bag, flashlight, surfboard, walking boots and my camera, is almost everything I need. I pretend to go lightweight luggage and return full of experiences. During the last two weeks I was touring Lanzarote and Fuerteventura ... Read More »

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