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Tenerife from Maltese point of view


Tenerife looks like combination of Ireland and sunny Malta, where you can enjoy the nature and swim in the sea. People in Tenerife are very kind and helpful, however they do not speak English so you need to prepare for it! The food is much healthier than in Malta and easy to digest. People in  Tenerife like dancing and music, ... Read More »

What do we do in Malta?


The name of my organization is Genista Research Foundation, which mainly works with in environmental issues like organic farming, ecological planting, nature parks for public and school children to discover the “Natura 2000” site and learn about endemic plants and animals which are in the natural reserve opposite Rinella Bay, where we like to enjoy the sea after whole day ... Read More »

What maltese young people do to find a job?

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Students/ youths of Malta usually work part-time during their studies or if they do not study then they usually find the job by friends or relatives. If neither there they don’t find they register in the ETC (Education/Employment Training Center) like office for unemployment. The efforts by youths to find the jobs are either through applying for jobs which are ... Read More »

How to make Malta perfect?

We need to plant more trees and make island green zone for protection of the endemic species and preserve the historical sites and places for better tourism (cleaner waters, biodiversity, green landscape). The old buildings needs to be rebuild and converted into traditional housing or restaurants or centers or hotels. The bus service needs a lot of improvements to make ... Read More »

Life of youngsters in Malta

Typical life of 20 years old youth in Malta can be defined into 2 main directions: One direction is the student of university and working part-time in hotels, shops or other local enterprises. The youth will spend time either by studying or hanging out with friends, some youths will do scouting or volunteering in local organization (especially those studying social ... Read More »

Let’s get to know participants from Malta!


My name is Katarina and I am responsible for funding unit of our organization, therefore I have been chosen to represent the organization and make a new contacts, develop new project ideas and establish new network of islands. I am also responsible for EVS (European Voluntary Service), which was part of past collaboration with Isla CreActiva and with whom we would ... Read More »

Tips for Traveling to Tenerife from Malta


  Learn first few phrases of Spanish language Google the information about the place and country Check out the weather and the currency of the country Make sure you take the medicine Check the expire if your passport and visa Make sure your mobile is charged and with credit Check about the place where you’re staying – reviews or call ... Read More »

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