Monday , 25 March 2019
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More interesting people


Since I came to Sicily I had the pleasure of meeting lots of lovely and very interesting people and I learned many things. According on the theme of the month (innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives) I wanted to present you Marika, a young artist who comes from a village near Ragusa. Throughout her life she has had many temporary jobs, each ... Read More »

Entrepreneurs envious …


In the month of innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives I have decided to do an interview with Cesare, a young man from Catania who has dared to take on an island with 40% youth unemployment. Degree in economics at the University of Bologna recognizes that when he began faculty he used to think about becoming a great businessman, now in Sicily ... Read More »

The finished article


One week, 24 new friends, 3 kilos more, 30 hours of accumulated sleep and a Youth in Action Youth Exchange after I finish the unfinished post. It took place at Gela in southern Sicily, at the nature reserve of Lake Biviere. The site was incredible, a beautiful nature reserve with a lake in the middle, all yellow flowers, birds, butterflies ... Read More »

The unfinished article…

I call it like that because I will finish writing it the next week when I return from my first youth exchange in a nature reserve in Gela! : D The campi di lavoro, that Informagiovani organized by Youth in Action, are a kind of international youth exchanges, they last between one and three weeks and they take place throughout ... Read More »

Showing the world Tenerife

Sin títuloññ

If an Italian nearing retirement tells you that she wants to go to spend their golden years in paradise… what would you recommend? Every Thursday we do an English course for young people participating in restorative justice projects. It’s the best part of my volunteering. These are young people, almost all minors who have committed minor offenses and they, instead ... Read More »

What did you inspired to become a volunteer?


This is one of the first questions we ask from volunteers. Today I want you to know the cases of two European volunteers: Helena (which also comes with Isla Creactiva from Tenerife) and Pedro, from Portugal, and maybe you can see how we are ordinary people, like you, and are encouraged you to try this experience - What was the ... Read More »

Etna erupting! Panic!


I was born in Tenerife so to live on an island with a volcano is not new to me, but if it turns out that the volcano is alive, active, alert and above erupts every few days… When they told me to come to Palermo I had several concerns that I roamed the mind: the Sicilian dialect, the mafia, the ... Read More »

Ecology in the kitchen


Volunteers are a source of clean and renewable energy, why we do not take advantage of them? This was the idea that inspired me to start my first expedition into the world of domestic ecology. Since one of my concerns has always been the care and respect for the environment, I thought it would be a good idea to start ... Read More »

How Informa Giovani helps you find work


After a month in Sicily I could learn a little more about the association with which I volunteer. As the topic on which turns our project Island Shake is youth employability, today I wanted to make my “boss” Eva a couple of questions to understand a little better how volunteering can influence the employability of young Sicilians. How many European ... Read More »

Il Mercato di Ballarò and Trash Boutique


Ballarò market is one of my favorite sites of Palermo. A souk in the heart of downtown. It is the oldest, has existed since the sixteenth century, and although the most popular with tourists is the Vucciria market, the Ballarò is certainly the most authentic. In it you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, all kinds of cheeses, spices, ... Read More »

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