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In short…


What has been for me my EVS experience? Well, in short, one of the best experiences of my life… Before I go to Palermo I thought that EVS would be a kind of Erasmus-language course: the fact of working only 35 hours a week, to go with so much help (in the sense that somebody pays your rent, gives you ... Read More »

What is the Civil Service?


To end the month of volunteering and social initiatives I wanted to interview Piera, a young Sicilian woman who made the Civil Service in Palermo. - What is the Italian Civil Service? Before it was seen as an alternative way to serve your country. As military service was compulsory for men, you could choose to declare conscientious objector and serve ... Read More »

The other protagonist of my EVS


It happened to me a few times and is one thing that makes me laugh: Every time I say that I come from the Canary Islands everybody says: Aaahh! What a paradise! And I say: But you do not live in Sicily? So I want to dedicate my penultimate free theme article to the other protagonist of my EVS: The ... Read More »

How to turn your passion into a job (paid)


Eva is a young woman from Ancona who started doing her EVS in Barcelona and now works as a part of the permanent staff of InformaGiovani in Sicily. 1º How did you get hired by an NGO after your EVS? When I chose my EVS I had very clear what I wanted. I studied political science so I wanted to ... Read More »

The On-arrival / bye bye training


Just one month before leaving Sicily, when I thought they were not going to call me, the blessed e-mail arrived! Finally I had been called to go to Rome for one week, the week where all the EVS volunteers were speaking about their best experiences: the on arrival training! At 4:30 am on Wednesday I left home to catch a ... Read More »

Interesting points of vue


Not to mention only my point of view I have decided to introduce you to two volunteers  who are doing EVS here in Sicily. Helena, from Tenerife, who works in a house with children separated from their families, and Alfredo, form Murcia, doing more or less the same job in a house with teenagers. They’ve been here 3 and 4 ... Read More »

Job searching tips


An original CV, a motivation letter in an innovative format, word of mouth, cronyism, web pages, newspapers … There are a thousand ways to look for work, the problem today is that with 6,200,000 unemployed in Spain and other many in Italy, you must try to make it as original as possible. Today I wanted to write about the most ... Read More »

The most important are the people


Before coming to Palermo I had heard all about EVS, that it is a party, you know a lot of people around the world, is one of the best experiences of life … Everything I had heard proved true In my third month in Palermo, with just two months of completing my project I decided to stop and make a ... Read More »



A couple of months had passed when I knew the pizzo. A roommate told me roughly what I already suspected and that is that here, in Sicily, who wants to open a business faces extortion from the mafia. In Southern Italy, the pizzo is a form of extortion from local merchants by the Italian mafia, usually under duress. It’s also ... Read More »



The other day in a mini-workcamp of InformaGiovani I had the opportunity to speak with three young Sicilians and ask them about how they saw the future, their own and of their island. Toni and Monica form Palermo and Danilo from Gela confirmed my worst fears, the youth of Canary Island we’re not the only who see the future dark ... Read More »

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