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Letter to future EVS volunteer to the Canary Islands


Dear future EVS volunteer(s) to the Canary Islands, As I write this in my final week here, I struggle to remember all the necessary things I should tell you in advance. You might be, at this very moment, thinking of volunteering or maybe the thought has not crossed your mind yet. But if you decide eventually to volunteer in the ... Read More »

What next?


When I was in boarding school on an island two hours by outboard motor from my hometown and family, one phrase used to pop up every now and again. “Opportunity is like a bald-headed man with one hair”.  As funny as it sounds, it is true. Once lost, is lost forever. Off course, there are other opportunities out there. But ... Read More »

Meet Pablo Armas Correa


I have never met Pablo. Yes, I have heard of him because we are volunteering in the same project but in different countries. I have, however, come to love his island, an island floating off the coast of Africa, rich with culture, traditions and history. Knowing this, I am not surprised when I interviewed him for this  article through Facebook ... Read More »

STARS & Motivation


Read More »

Tourism for ALL – Promoting Universal Accessibility


What did you do on World Tourism Day? We kick started our multiplier course on the day and onwards, by presenting sustainable tourism and community based tourism to a wide range of audience. This year’s theme focuses on Tourism for ALL, promoting an inclusive approach to making tourism accessible to everyone anywhere at any time. This targets almost all areas ... Read More »

5 Things to note when learning Spanish


And while most people will say it is difficult, I motivated myself by saying “Complicado pero no dificil”. Learning Spanish, I have come to internalise and unpack some of the “complications” when one has to learn Spanish. Optimism is everything in this case. What makes Spanish complicated is that it has different words for, say, going, go, went, will go. ... Read More »

On a hot summer’s day…


Silence echoes through lonely streets, in need of shade and people. A haze of heat simmers off the path as the sun smiles gleefully down from its throne up above the clouds. A few brave the heat to shop. Others, glide swiftly down the silent streets into shops. Few minutes later, they emerge with ice cream or something cold to ... Read More »

|Personal Growth – A Journey|


How do you define personal growth? Personal growth demands an open mind to learn, reflect and make necessary the changes. It may be changing an attitude or a quitting a negative habit. Or it may be more internal, changes to one’s perception and deleting pre-conceived notions of others versus self. That said, I have grown so much in the last ... Read More »

Conquering Mountains in Tenerife

Cruz Del Carmen

The last time I hiked in all my 24 years of existence was when I was in Grade 5. I was 11 years old and a member of the Pathfinders, a church group for kids aged 10-16, similar to the scouts.  I remember getting muscle cramps and got bandaged for a sprained ankle, and sympathetic voices above me, telling me ... Read More »

Sustainability in the Islands


El Hierro, a little known island in Spain. Known for its remoteness, formed from the remains of almost five hundred volcanoes, dot the north western part of the Canary Islands, with majestic volcanic rocks dropping off into the Atlantic Ocean, waves dancing against these impressive formations. El Hierro graces Europe as a beacon of sustainable development. Sabinosa, a spot on ... Read More »

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