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Tips for next volunteers in the Solomons


Travelling without expectations, you get to enjoy much more, let surprise, that everything does not go as planned is normal in the Solomon Islands. The adventure will be your traveling partner. Always expect the unexpected. The “solomon time” will be, gradually, part of your day, so don’t stress if you see that things don’t happen, take advantage of every minute ... Read More »

Back to the future


After 23 weeks, 23 tablets to prevent malaria, more than 160 days where it has not missed rice, tuna and coconut. After 5 flights to come and 4 to take off. After making the jump to more than 17,000 kilometers away. After about 80 hours by boat which allowed me to step 4 of the country’s provinces. After 8 trails ... Read More »

A boost for communities


Just the introduction of the CBT concept arouses the interest of the locals in Solomon Islands, as the main current tourist activity is centered on a “agency tourism”, hotels, travel packages and activities that bear little relation to the local community, thereby leaving behind what is really important and that makes the difference of the place, their culture, their heritage ... Read More »

Lane Pidgin


Sometimes simplicity is harder than it looks, but that could be the first rule when learning pidgin. Forget about grammar formalisms and simplifies the most of your expressions, break your English. Learning ( Inglés), Lane (Pidgin). Pidgin is the cocktail resulting mixture of influences of different languages ​​with some ingredients of the varied local wealth. Although English is its direct ... Read More »



Beliefs, stories, legends and taboos. It’s almost impossible to understand the culture of the Solomon Islands, leaving aside these aspects. And, though it seems a science fiction movie, everything, sometimes strange and unexpected enough, always has an explanation or a story that gives life, closer or more far from reality. As a general rule, much it depends on the family, ... Read More »

An opportunity to continue growing


As it says, there are subjects that are not included in the academic curriculum and there are things that are not learned in the classroom. Volunteering could be a practical part that comes in handy to any student and anyone in general. His character of “voluntary” implies that something is optional and that each individual chooses, but what is clear ... Read More »

An activity with adventure, nature and community


If you’ve ever dreamed of feeling lost in the jungle, Solomon Islands is a good place to live that. A few weeks ago we did an activity based on hike creation, for documenting these spaces and start to put them at the service of the community. The spaces in question are in an area called Sara Land, about 20 kilometers ... Read More »

CBT, new concept in Solomon Islands


An architect participating in a volunteer project on tourism. It may seem that does not make much sense, but it is also true that tourism and, in our case, sustainability, are presented as key factors in our society and on the islands in which we live and, at the same time, they are subjects covering numerous fields. This opportunity has ... Read More »

“Morning, white man”


They, like you, begin to take steps in an unknown land, a world to discover, a universe of possibilities. Lives that move in parallel and sometimes intersect. Roots that feed on the same land but reflect different things. Small eyes that tell great stories. One of them plays to be higher, dance turning in a pole making the garden a ... Read More »

Welcome to the origin


Welcome to the other side of the world, the other side of the coin. Welcome to a place where umbrellas protect you from the sun. Welcome to chaos, the wild and primitive, the simplest and necessary. Welcome to the origin. See how come together on the same line green forest and the blue sea, or contemplate at the night sky ... Read More »

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