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Met Puapuma Village


A community hidden in a corner of Isabel Province, which show me the true beauty of the way of life of this Islands … Welcome to Puapuma Kindy Village. Almost without realizing it, we were going into that village and we were surrounded by people and children who welcomed us with flower necklaces and popular songs. A whole ceremony had ... Read More »

A welcome culture


On the other side of the world, on the islands that few know about, there is a culture full of identity. Here, families are large and united, where there is always a new uncle or cousin to meet. The houses always have new people, as if it were any lodging establishment, where family of different islands know that they always ... Read More »

Learn to learn


When we begin to learn pidgin our first reaction is that we’re back to the basics of English, which makes us confused by the complexity of easyest, and does us suspect what are we really learning. Once I had the experience of learning this new language I can give some suggestions that may help you: First and perhaps, the most important ... Read More »

Be a volunteer


When we think about our first voluntary service, we never think about going to the other side of the world. But I always believed that the only impossible journey in life is the one you never take; An adventure that began with an impulse and a desire to help, and finally brought me experiences that made me grow as a ... Read More »

Inside the Island


A different weekend, an active weekend. A  bit more than one hour travelling from the  Honiara city, we arrived at the Doma cultural village, where a raw experience was awaiting for us. One night when we feel we are in a scout camp, where we plant, harvest cassava from the garden, and cook our own food with a makeshift fire; where ... Read More »

New concepts


In tourism, landscape, as well as being an essential resource for the development of the activity is an essential element in promoting and attracting many tourists. And this is how  sustainable tourism and Community Based Tourism come up. Two completely new concepts for these islands. Here, unlike the other countries taken part in the project, we began from scratch, we ... Read More »

Small moments; Great memories


There are various moments that distinguish this new adventure in a positive and motivating manner. But without doubt the best moments happen when we are in direct contact with the local culture, when we go out of our comfort zone and begin to experience new things. When we see that the whole community comes together to manage to achieve the goal. ... Read More »

Pacific’s greatest secret


    “Pacific’s greatest secret” this could be one of the many slogans that we could assign to the Solomon Islands, that have a huge tourist potential barely known by the rest of the world.      It’s a destination where there isn’t much, but why there is everything. Everything that hasn’t been modified by man or by  modernization; a real paradise for tourists. Where ... Read More »

My daily life at Solomons


  A new country, a new, day by day. It’s clear that the lifestyle is different, we need to adapt to where we are at the moment. Here the sun begins to be felt at 6.30am, and even if it’s the rainy season, the heat that is felt makes the office fans my new best friends. The days pass between the ... Read More »

Discovering a new country


Solomon Islands… the name begins to intrigue us as the desire to know more about these misteryous islands grows moment after moment. When we start talking about culture, sometimes we were shocked, but it’s not something bad, is a culture that still believes in spells, demons, and where man buys his wife. A culture where people walk barefoot in the street, even ... Read More »

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