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A project growing


Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. Read More »

A look which guides you


What certainly defines my experience in Sri Lanka are the people . Those arms that welcome you . The smile that accompanies you wherever you look. That look which guides you at every step. My experience in Sri Lanka have been very complicated but i had a import person there for help me and made it easier. Alvaro and I ... Read More »

In the train


The city is still asleep.  It’s 5 am and is the first time that crazy traffic doesn’t fill up the Street and the travel by the car is not an aventure without rules in which the horn’s sound is the only warning. It is the only time that tuk tuks do not try go throught a impossible spaces in the ... Read More »

A lenguaje to discover


Unknown sounds begin to make sense. Words that are added to my mental vocabulary. Phrases that allow me to connect with Sinhalese. Learn Sinhala is becoming in one of the most important keys to this experience. When I say “hondai” (good), “hari” (all right) or “stuti” (thank you) they smile sincerely. With just a few words they begin to see ... Read More »

Rice and curry, rice and curry, rice and curry


The food in Sri Lanka can be describe with “rasay” the sinhalese word to say delicious. Colorfull, spicy and tasty food. I have discovered new flavours that inspire me to learn about their recepies and traditions. Rice and curry, rice and curry, rice and curry. I say this three times because in Sri Lanka I eat rice and curry for ... Read More »

First impression: “How distances can be measured?


Distances are kilometers, meters … They can also be measured in the time that separates us. But distances are also experiences, traditions , culture… and those are the issues which undoubtedly mark us. The 11.000 kilometers that separated Canary Island from Sri Lanka are the inumerables places that we flew over. We crossed hundreds of villages and dozens of countries ... Read More »

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