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Cultural activities in Tarukan


Hi, guys! I’d love to share a video I made together with my colleague Rocio when we were both staying in Tarukan Village. Tarukan is a “banjar” (Indonesian word refering to a kind of neighborhood or community in a village) that belongs to Mas (the wood carving center of Bali). It is located near Ubud, which is considered as the center of ... Read More »

(Español) Galería de arte en Ubud

¡Hola a tod@s! Hoy me gustaría compartir con vosotr@s el video que realicé de una galería de arte situada en Mas (Ubud). Se trata de la galería Siadja y es la más antigua de la isla de Bali. Ofrece al visitante la oportunidad de disfrutar de una espectacular muestra de madera tallada y una amplia colección de pintura y máscaras, ... Read More »

Balinese practices related to meals


Bali is worldwide known as the “Island of Gods” but I would personally add an extra word to complete this nickname, which is, undoubtedly, food. Not only because the food is delicious here but also because of the importance has reached along my Balinese experience. In fact, many of the cultural practices that have caught more my attention for these ... Read More »

Apakah mau belajar bahasa Indonesia?


‘Apakah mau belajar Bahasa Indonesia?’ (Do you want to learn Indonesian?) Luckily, first thing I found out about Bahasa Indonesia is that is one of the easiest languages I’ve ever come across. There are more than 200 million speakers, being for only 20 million of them their mother tongue since there are more than 700 local languages spoken in all ... Read More »

Cómo ha cambiado mi opinión sobre turismo sostenible y CBT


Cuando con 18 años elegí a estudiar Turismo lo hice por dos motivos principales: primero, porque el turismo es la principal industria económica en España; y segundo, porque viajar siempre ha sido el motor de mi vida. Estando claro que mi futuro profesional debía estar ligado a mi pasión, decidí apostar por esta carrera tan infravalorada en mi país, pero ... Read More »

Trekking por los arrozales de Jasri, experiencia inolvidable


En estos meses he tenido la oportunidad de realizar diversos senderos, en diferentes comunidades, y sin duda, esta ha sido la actividad que más he disfrutado. En Bali, prácticamente todas las “desa wisata” (“pueblos turísticos”) han implantado esta actividad como atracción turística, ya que la isla cuenta con grandes extensiones de campos de arroz, que se han convertido en un ... Read More »

5 curiosities about Bali you may not know


More than 17000 islands form Indonesia being Bali the main tourist destination. There are many things that could easily explain why, but appart from the culture, beaches, ricefields, art, people or food… I would like to focus today on some of the curiosities that make up Bali as unique as it is. First, it is the only island in Indonesia ... Read More »

On arrival training


One of the topics should be discussed on arrival training is regarding the possible natural and human dangers likely to happen in the host country, which is logically important to know soon. Which sounds surrealistic is the fact of experiencing an earthquake within the first week since our arrival, and without being a discussed topic by that time. Luckily, the ... Read More »

My first impressions

Sin título

I chose this picture because it reflects how I feel: confident, highly motivated and smiling all over! So far I just can say Bali is such and incredible place that I consider myself very lucky for having the chance to live this experience. This might be the “honey moon stage”, as it is known, but honestly, I would’ve never imagined ... Read More »

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