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WISh to Act!


Having an opportunity to represent all youngsters from Indonesia in an international even was something that I dreamed but I had no clue someday it would come true. From 10th – 20th March 2014 I joined a project conducted by Scouts and Isla Creativa in Tenerife, Canary Islands participated by 6 islands: Tenerife, Iceland, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Malta and St. ... Read More »

What is WISh about? Short evaluation after 10 days in Tenerife


Within the unfortunate, low mobility, and the low possibilities to have access for a worldwide information and communication…  To capture your dreams and learn a lot about exchanged culture and social heritage, environment, non formal education, employability, volunteering are all possible! Through the Youth in Action Programme! Now it is your turn to catch your dreams and chance for OPPORTUNITIES!! ... Read More »

Cultural shock in Indonesia

cultural shock in indonesia

Coming to Indonesia will be very much fun for the volunteer from other countries, especially for those from Spain. It is because Indonesia need more creative people to work with. Since we are happy to host the volunteers let me explain some tradition in Indonesia in order to avoid cultural shock: 1. Indonesians don’t kiss and touch to the stranger. ... Read More »

What EVS volunteers can do in Indonesia


EVS project that would be conducted in my organization is in environmental activities e.g. mangrove planting in the worst area of Java Island. This will benefit volunteer’s capability to be independent, initiative and learn more about teamwork and collaboration. And for my organization are the references and profile portfolio to be involved in another worldwide project. [Miria] Read More »

Youth for Elderly – My perfect EVS project


If I could join an EVS program I would chose to join a program dealing with the elderly. It is the first thing which came to my mind after the Spanish team asked the question. Basically, I am ready to join every EVS program, but serving the elderly seems interesting and enriching my experience more. I have a grandma and ... Read More »

If I were EVS Volunteer…


If I join EVS, I would apply for a voluntary activities in Canary Islands, mostly because of those reasons: To know more of the cultural and everyday lifestyle rather different with Indonesian The more tolerant respond in accepting other people from Asia especially from Indonesia  [Miria] Read More »

What EVS is? Why participate in EVS?

taken from:

Great opportunity for young people in Indonesia to have a non-formal education abroad. To experience a more realistic attitudes in cultural and language issue To get to know the everyday lifestyle and how the young people cope with others from other continent To enhance the young volunteers from Indonesia to build a more positive character, independency etc. [Miria] Read More »

What WISh can bring to Indonesia Climate Wariors


WISh is useful for youngsters because of these reasons: 1. To be more creative in making projects. By joining WISh program the youngsters will have insights in how they will conduct in making the future projects such as workshops or planning mangrove 2. Get more links to other islands so that the youngsters will be provided by more networks 3. ... Read More »

Is volunteering popular in Indonesia ?


Voluntary opportunities are common in our country, Indonesia. Mostly volunteering actions within the young generation are in cultural social area, non-formal education and green action (climate change and global warming). These voluntary actions usually are: - Based on community respond - Part of the requirements from several universities collage for the graduates, especially medicine school or engineering [Miria] Read More »

Going abroad ? Mobility programmes in Indonesia


Based on my experience, yes we Indonesians have many changes to go abroad. We have sustainable network with many countries to send youngsters abroad to study, to do study visits or to conduct cross cultural understanding. But yes, many networks are not the goal. The sustainable ones are the best, because we cannot stop the network at the time table. ... Read More »

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