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The Essence of EVS

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EVS is probably the best way to travel around Europe and be productive at the same time. You are going to a country for an extended period of time, ranging from one month to a year. There you will take part in a variety of projects, mostly as a project/workcamp leader and also you are making your own sie project. ... Read More »

Is volunteering popular in Iceland ?


No, Icelandic people generally do not know about volunteer organizations and those who do are not too willing to volunteer. Mainly because Icelanders who are in school are working as well and do not have time and people working full-time don not want to work for free. When it comes to volunteers in Iceland a vast majority are people who ... Read More »

Going abroad ? Mobility programmes in Iceland


In Iceland are all kind of life learning programs available. A lot of people are using the Erasmus scholarship to study abroad. There is a special exchange student programme called “Skiptinemi” that supports  people who want to study abroad. The university of Reykjavik and Iceland are part of this.  Even Erasmus is very common, the others life-learning programmes are not ... Read More »

Looking for a job in Iceland


Finding  a job in Iceland generally isn’t that hard. People who say that it’s hard generally aren’t looking hard enough. Everyone has some connections to a company or business that they can use to get a job. The big problem Is that people who are qualified generally don’t want to work a job that is beneath them. Also many people ... Read More »

I’m an Icelandic in Tenerife…


It’s hot!!! They say it will be cold, but that’s a lie! On the bright side there is a McDonald’s. But in all seriousness this place is great! Beaches, Mountains, stuff and things. After you get around 2000 meters above sea-level things start to look surprisingly much like Iceland, which is sand because it is because the reason they gave me ... Read More »

What do we do in Iceland?


WORLDWIDE FRIENDS is a nongovernmental organisation which focuses on cultural awareness, environment projects and to make volunteering more visible to Icelanders. One of the main projects is to inform people how to behave with the Icelandic nature and to clean up the coast line. We are organizing work camps which last around two days and people from all over the ... Read More »

How to improve Iceland – the best country in the world?


- The weather could be a bit better sometimes and the summer could be one week longer - We could have more tasty fruits and vegetables - By putting Iceland into the correct time zone, currently GMT. Should be GMT – 1,5 - Organizing more activities for young people in smaller communities [Julia] Read More »

Life of youngsters in Iceland


The average 20 years old Islander is usually either in school as working a law wage job. It’s normal in Iceland that young people still live with their families, seeing as the apartment rental rates are ridiculous! At 20 the average Icelander isn’t married but it’s not that uncommon that they have children. Although that’s frowned upon in the general ... Read More »

Let’s get to know participants from Iceland!


I’m Julia, the  person responsible for the European Programmes in our organization and worked with the World Island Shake project in 2013 already. Bjarki is an active member of WF and works as a volunteer, mentor and participant in many youth exchanges already. At the same time there was another important volunteer meeting for our organization so we had to share ... Read More »

When you are going to Tenerife, remember that…


One of the main things to remember when going to Tenerife is that the older generation doesn’t speak that much English. That said, I recommend bringing a basic phrasebook in Spanish and learning how to properly pronounce things like asking for basic necessities such as water or beer (or learn Spanish if you’re not lazy!!!). The most important thing is ... Read More »

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