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Project Results – STARS in Madurawala Village, Sri Lanka


Take a look to the projects that we have developed in the village of Madurawala, Sri Lanka. And this time, you will have the chance to meet the main characters of this project, the young boys and girls that are involved with the Community Based Tourism Project. Read More »

Sri Lanka Eating Time Experience

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-23 a las 14.57.59

The first time I face to the situation of eating with my hands, was shocking but interesting. In my country we are not used to touch with our fingers the food that later we are going to put inside our mouths. But know, I can considered myself a real professional. I don´t eat as fast as srilankans, but when I ... Read More »

To be or Not to be a Volunteer

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Ten reasons for becoming a volunteer is a good option for you:   1º You get more tan what you give 2º Once in live you must feel what it is working without expecting something in return. 3º Learning on a voluntary work never stops, every time is a great opportunity for improving your knowledge. 4º Bad or good, voluntary ... Read More »

Connecting with the Youth

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One of the best things that a EVS program have, is the possibility to work with the youngsters of your host country. When I arrived at Sri Lanka, I thought I was going to spend lot of time alone, and that I should have a lot of books to keep my mind busy. Nothing could be more untrue, the two ... Read More »

Sri Lanka and CBT

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español. Read More »

Start Enjoying

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Going out from your comfort zone may sound risky. You are expose to have moments of suffer, loneliness, feeling disoriented… having the sense that you have take the wrong decision. We spend all our life taking decisions, without knowing it, all on our life are decisions. But, what happen when someone calls you and offer the opportunity of going to ... Read More »

Surrounded by Nature


Despite the fact that in the Canary Islands we live surrounded by nature, sometimes it is strange not finding buildings on every step I make through the roads of the inside fields of Sri Lanka, not feeling myself inside a concrete jungle. I am not saying with this that I miss the bustle from the cities, the noise from the ... Read More »

About Food


40 minutes from a Dominos Pizza, 1 hour from a KFC, 1 hour and 30 minutes from a Pizza Hut, 2 hours from a McDonald… How many of you think that it is easy to life far from all this Fast Food restaurants? Maybe you can think that food is one of the less important thing of getting used to ... Read More »

About Religion


Thousands kilometres from home, lot of things change. So many things are different to what I knew, that sometimes it makes you think about what is the better or worst, the answer is, that they are simply different. I was get used to only hearing about Catholicism, I know that there are many different religions all over the world, but ... Read More »

First Impressions


It may sound crazy to move so many kilometres away from home to do some work. It may seem risky to go live with a family with a different culture. It may seem strange come to stay for 5 months to a new country to volunteer. And yes, sometimes I ask myself the question whether it has really been crazy, ... Read More »

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