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Aspects of personal development

Aspects of personal development

To develop a volunteer from another situation contextual, first one begins, so to speak, with an introspective where, both your skills as prior knowledge enter into a process of test with the objective of being able to recognize the different personal aspects and the level of each one.

From the personal perspective, my work as a volunteer has favored not only my development in social aspects such as verbal and non-verbal communication toward other cultural identities, but have also complemented my profile as a professional on the basis of other disciplines from a contrast labor, achieving Reinforcing a vision mostly holistic on needs, understanding of concepts, projects of life, language, resources, among others. The development staff from the informal nature of these issues is also essential, since the leisure, recreation, game, among other you can assimilate aspects from the individual experience.

The main axis of volunteerism is configured by social aspects, for this reason any of them, independent of its scale, provide tools that help to be able to perform better to be interacting with coworkers, communities, new mentors, among many others, we can say that we have to work together for a collective good is that, growth and human development.



About Bairon

Me gusta el viaje y su ritual, caminar desde el lugar mas urbanizado hasta ese donde la electricidad no va muy bien, pienso que soy una persona que le gusta observar mi entorno , sin embargo muchas veces por tener la mirada en el aire me tropiezo o choco con alguien. me considero un amante de los espacios públicos y todo lo que en ellas suceden; de la buena platica y la buena comida sin duda. Alguien inquieto de cuerpo y mente. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like the travel and its ritual, walking from the place more urbanized until that where the electricity not goes very well, think that am a person that you like observe my environment, however many times by have it look in the air I stumble or choco with someone. I think a lover of them spaces public and all that in them happen; good talk and good food without a doubt. Someone restless body and mind.

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