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An activity with adventure, nature and community

An activity with adventure, nature and community

If you’ve ever dreamed of feeling lost in the jungle, Solomon Islands is a good place to live that. A few weeks ago we did an activity based on hike creation, for documenting these spaces and start to put them at the service of the community. The spaces in question are in an area called Sara Land, about 20 kilometers west of Honiara, where you can discover from the enigmatic and deep jungle to free and transparent development of a river in the valley. It was about 24 hours, a day when we enjoy and discover some of the hidden treasures behind these islands.

DSC_0100We departed from Honiara in the afternoon, the STARS team along with the family that manages the places we were going to visit. After a few stops along the way to buy food, we reached the place where we were to spend the night. It really was an attractive place, with the potential to be used as a meeting place, a space called “Guadalcanal Cultural Village” created a few years ago to host an event on the island. We planted, collected, cooked and ate, all the local style. And also we spent the night in the local style, sleeping on a simple mat in the main building of this space, an old open cabin built with natural materials. Sleep after the heat of a fire, the sound of the sea a few meters and stars as a backdrop, was the prelude to a day of adventure, community and nature.

Next morning, the family picked us to go where we were going to do the trails, 40 minutes driving to discover a totally different area. The aim was to walk 2 short trails, less than 2 hours each, of the many options you have here.

094First hiking led us to Pupuku cave. It is a pleasure to cross a forest in which there is little evidence of human life, feeling that you are the first steps on these virgin lands. Change, for a moment, the tall buildings of the city by exotic trees that almost touch the sky. Intense green that make you feel like a real explorer. The cave is the grand finale of this road. A narrow entrance leads to a fireplace carved in rocks, which is crowned by the flapping of the bird’s wings that inhabit this place.


 After a stop for regain strength and lunch a local dish in a small shelter on the banks of a river, we continue to explore. The second path led us to a mineral rocks, following the course of the Hovi river. Fresh and pure water in motion, wet feet were discovering small natural spas every step along the way. There was no better way to beat the heat of the islands while enjoying a landscape comparable to paradise itself.

On the way back to the city, it was impossible to blur the smile of our faces. New images that were now part of this experience and made you feel really worth coming from across the world to do and discover things like these.DCIM104GOPRO



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