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An activity extended in the fourth dimension.

An activity extended in the fourth dimension.

It was near the final of July, with the south hemispheric winter above us, when Ana and I enjoyed one activity which has quite improved our time in Chile. It has been a perfect complement to other special shared moments in our EVS – with the Gonzáles family, with Nadine, her family and her friends, with Bayron and his fellows, with the team that squire us in this history, Budeo and Triple – Hélix – UCN.


The tying came since the first meeting with one of the most active STARS communities, Juan López.  A small group of young people members of INJUV (National Institute of Youth) assist at the event, because they already work with the community. They invite us to participate in the next work camp in Morro Moreno National Park.


Time after, they confirm their words and they made official their invitation, so, in few days we were submerged in primitive nature and surrounded by 30 young guys with similar desires, likes and humor than us.

Ana and me split our experiences in the 3 days (It was going to be only one). We worked in two groups or “cuadrillas”, which had different mission: she would work in rehabilitation of trails and me, in the construction of the sustainable square in the community. That community work gave a special linking with the young group and with the community, because we were talking about development with action. Between jokes, work, good atmosphere, “porotos”, anecdotes and cards, we share extraordinary moments, that we will never forget. We were in group, and we felt happiness and comfort on the other side of the world.


The best of all is that this extended activity has not finished. Now, this group of colleagues is our best young group of friends. They are loyal and dynamic. For they, for STARS, for our Team –Chile, “thank you”.



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