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About Food

About Food

40 minutes from a Dominos Pizza, 1 hour from a KFC, 1 hour and 30 minutes from a Pizza Hut, 2 hours from a McDonald… How many of you think that it is easy to life far from all this Fast Food restaurants? Maybe you can think that food is one of the less important thing of getting used to a new culture, but actually in Sri Lanka, it is one of the hardest things you will need to face with.

It is not only because the main food in Sri Lanka is `rice and curry´, and with main, I mean that is extremely difficult to find other things, it is also because of the typical way of eating in this country. In Europe we use cutlery, in China they use chopsticks, but in Sri Lanka we eat with our fingers!

It takes time to get used to this new way of eating, and sometimes you need to make more mentally efforts than good skills. The technique is to make little portions of rice mixed with a little of each curry, then come closer to the plate, put the small ball of food at your fingertips, and then with the help of your thumb, you push into your mouth… “RASAI!” is the word you must say if you think the food is delicious.

Some mornings I wake up wishing that some French toast with a cappuccino are waiting for me on the dinning room, sometimes I wish to have a cutlet and Canarian Potatos, with “mojo” for lunch, and after 20:00 o´clock I am always thinking about a fresh Mediterranean Salad with a piece of “Pan de Pueblo” … but then I realize that I am still in Sri Lanka, and the most likely thing I will have to fill my stomach will be Rice and Curry.

But… the human beings are extremely flexible… we are prepared to get used to the most extreme situations, and with most extreme situations I don´t mean things about food… in this experience, food has become the least of my problems.



About Alvaro

Apasionado de vivir en la naturaleza, y de que la naturaleza viva en mí. Efímeras las oportunidades... que vienen y se van con el viento. Amante de aprovechar cada segundo de la vida. Explorador de los límites del cuerpo y la mente. Caminante del universo hasta que éste se canse de mis pasos y decida echarme de sus senderos. Passionate about living in nature, and about nature living in me. Opportunities are fleeting... they fly away with the wind. I love making the most of every second of my life. Body and mind limits explorer. Universe walker, until the universe gets tired of my steps and decides to put me out of its path.

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