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A super fun course on European Voluntary Service

A super fun course on European Voluntary Service

Hello, sailors!

Have you ever had to attend a course of training that has proved boring and which you have learned very little? During my college years I’ve seen and heard so many tedious and empty presentations, just remember…Therefore, when a couple of weeks Island Shake participants were summoned in Tenerife to participate in a course on the European Voluntary Service, I thought to myself: ‘ Oh, no!, two days listening to someone talk while having a Power Point, what waste of time! “. And however turned out to be one of the most funny and productive weekends I remember. How managed it Santa and David? It is what I will tell you now.

I came to La Laguna a Friday very early to meet the rest of the team. Each of us had traveled from their island that morning or the day beore to attend the course, and the city was beautiful with the green fields, the blue sky and clean air. The ideal setting to meet face to face and lay the groundwork for the project! For two days we perform many original activities aimed to know among us and to know the framework of the SVE and the Island Shake project, both its overall objectives as the details of the trip. At all times participate in teams, and we constantly commenting opinions, experiences, desires and ideas on the issues set out in the planning, and others appearing on the fly, so that learning we received was built more like a dialogue between all members of the group as a typical teacher-student masterclass relationship.

While David and Santa ran the course, they only put the conditions and tools to guide us in learning. Thanks to his knowledge and his extensive experience as volunteers got the best out of each of us to create a dynamic and active, but above all, greatly increased our motivation for the project. Trought organized activities they disguised each course topics in form of different games. like for example exit to the garden and draw by party colleagues face; or explore a fictional group of islands which each island was a core competency of the Youth Pass while going by filling out a passport; or build and launch an aircraft of colored paper on which ideas we wanted to carry out during the stay in other islands had written. In this way they managed to move away the monotony and boredom of learning, making it simple and fun, while new ideas are easily settled in our heads. In short, we were taught that you can learn playing, or if you prefer, play learning.

As for me, I’m particularly good with two ideas: one is that learning is more effective if receiver is actively involved in the learning process and feel interest in what they are learning, and two, that this is achieved when the same teacher is motivated and is able to transmit their motivation.



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Soy un isleño de 27 años, natural de la isla de La Gomera. Tengo una licenciatura en geografía por la Universidad de La Laguna, y máster en Teledetección y Sistemas de Información Geográfica por la Universitat Auónoma de Barcelona. Mis intereses son el surf y la naturaleza, y me encanta la buena comida y el cine.

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