Monday , 22 April 2019
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A look which guides you

A look which guides you

13532052_1336909482990681_322585385_n(1)What certainly defines my experience in Sri Lanka are the people . Those arms that welcome you . The smile that accompanies you wherever you look. That look which guides you at every step.
My experience in Sri Lanka have been very complicated but i had a import person there for help me and made it easier. Alvaro and I have met for years, we all always share intense experience, the kind of experiencies that make to grow.
In a country where gender differences are so import Alvaro became in the fundamental pillar to deal with that situation. Now that i in home i only wish him the the best of this experience.



About Isora

I'm a photographer lover, passionate of cultureand i have lived each stage of my life intensely. Willing to learn new things every day.

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