Saturday , 25 May 2019
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A lenguaje to discover

A lenguaje to discover

Unknown sounds begin to make sense. Words that are added to my mental vocabulary. Phrases that allow me to connect with Sinhalese.

Learn Sinhala is becoming in one of the most important keys to this experience. When I say “hondai” (good), “hari” (all right) or “stuti” (thank you) they smile sincerely. With just a few words they begin to see me as someone who is interested in their culture.

But the Sinhala is not a simple language, consists of 61 sounds that must be pronounced perfectly because otherwise they will not understand. Because it is not the same “a”, “ä”, “á” or “aa”.

The language allows me to communicate better with them but also they start to see me like if i wasn’t a tourist.

Although the reality of Sri Lanka is complex because not all people speak the same language.

In my head the words in Sinhala begin to mixing with Tamil words, if the Sinhala has 61 sounds, tamil has 247, almost impossible to memorize for me.

Each language gives me new opportunities to learn about the reality in Sri Lanka.




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I'm a photographer lover, passionate of cultureand i have lived each stage of my life intensely. Willing to learn new things every day.

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