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10 days of WISh – My overall experience

10 days of WISh – My overall experience

With jaws wide open and a heart pounding in my chest I stood before the coordinator of the World Island Shake from my country as the words stringed out of his mouth “Tobitha you are chosen to represent our NGO at the WISh project!”. When I came to my senses I looked him in the eyes and smiled, from that very moment I was excited and looked forward to a March tenth to twentieth that very two thousand and fourteen.


The days flew by as birds leaving to fly to warmer habitats and finally the countdown was on three days before travel. Running through the city all worried about the weather to get warm and comfortable clothing for travel. As the hours deteriorated and the time drew near in a blink of an eye I was already seated snuggly on my flight heading to this unknown Canarian Island called Tenerife.


Upon arrival tree jolly faces greeted my partner and I with a warm welcome into the volcanic island. We were jump back into a tiny yellow box with four wheels which managed to get us to our final destination at our residence in La Laguna. There I met more jolly faces of different sizes and skin colour. It almost seemed that we went from the meet and greet to our first day of activity because I had barely slept when I heard out my door “knock, knock”, “Good Morning”, “Time to get up”. I hurriedly got prepared to indulge in the day’s activities like a hungry lion seeking for meet.


This is how it all begins with loads of very interesting ice breaking games at each sessions, sharing of culture differences and culture shocks, discussion about unemployment in our various countries which lead into human resources interviews, creation of projects in written format and art. I almost never got boring because I didn’t have to hear the same facilitator each day.


I mentioned the visit, the visits to the City Raily, El Teide, Observatory, which was exciting but very cold for me where at one point I wanted to go back to my country. Sad but true. As the days shrink I still learnt even more about the good practices in Tenerife and understood much more about EU and the EVS. All of this placed adrenaline in my blood to fly back to my country to implement program as soon as possible.


This experience will one of my cherished ones as it has developed my mind to thinking bigger things and to upgrade my approach in dealing with people and things. My biggest fear was the language barrier but for sure now I can say a few things about myself in español.


There you go: 

Hola ¿Qué tal? Me llamo Tobitha, Yo tengo veinte cinco años, vivo en Santa Lucia. Me gusta cantar y bailar. Soy bonita y preciosa. Me gusta mi trabajo y me gusta el mar. Muchas gracias.




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