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Πολιτιστικό Εργαστήρι-Αγίων Ομολογητών

Πολιτιστικό Εργαστήρι-Αγίων Ομολογητών

It reads Politistiko Ergastiri- Agion Omologiton   and means Cultural Workshop Saint Omologiton.  Saint Omologiton is the name of this historic district of Nicosia (Lefkosia / Λευκωσία) where the organization is located.Traditional Dance

The Cultural Workshop was established as a nonprofit organization in 2002, to host the Workshop of Traditional Dancing, which was initiated in 1999 and the other cultural activities which were developed throughout the years. (Traditional music workshop, workshop of  film, Photography, and theatre).

More than 100 children and adults have the chance to be involved and express themselves artistically through the various activities offered by the Cultural Workshop. Having as a base the respect of tradition and cultural heritage (tangible and intangible),  having implemented ethnographic research in regarding Cyprus traditional dances and music,  by cooperating with specialists  in the field of traditional music and dance and getting involved in European funded projects concerning culture and education.

The Cultural Workshop has a continuous presence in the presentation and dissemination of culture and education, local and European level and is strongly involved in European mobility programs, EVS, Youth Exchange …

Ergastiri and EVS

Each year, the center receives four volunteer European Voluntary Service (EVS) to collaborate with the organization for twelve months from September to  September, and they are who transfer their knowledge to new volunteers arriving one month before they leave.

During these five months I will share the day to day with Joáo (Portugal), Freda (Germany), Gabriela (Romania) and Raul (Spain). I have interviewed them to learn how they got he,re, what motivated them to participate in EVS and to know what they  think about the consequences of this experience with their future job-search.Gabriela, Freda, Nau and Joáo

1-   Why participate in  EVS program?:

For all them is an opportunity for change, to live abroad and experience new cultures, to have time to decide what they want to do with their future.


Raul and Gabriela received EVS offers in their emails from their sending organizations, and so when they got the right project at the right time did not hesitate. Freda also found it out  through an organization that   knew several projects, and Joáo tell me that to find  it was easy, how difficult was the challenge.


Everyone agrees that this international experience will bring future benefits when applying for a job, especially if it is directly related to the field where you want to develop.


Gabriela knows a couple  of people who found a job after finishing their EVS, in a similar field.

The rest do not know  of any case, but maybe  this is directly related to the answer of the last question.


Very little, says Joao Raul and Freda, however Gabriela tells us that young people in Romania are very informed about all sort of programs and opportunities. Going abroad and having an international experience is seem as a positive thing.

EVS in Spain is not well known, although is a fantastic opportunity to participate in interesting projects,  learn about other ways of doing things, learning languages, to live other places, other people, other flavors, feel other landscapes, …



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